On-line Registration Instructions
for Teachers

Welcome to the on-line registration system for the Southern California Junior Bach Festival. Once you become familiar with it, this system will make entering your students into your branch festival much faster and easier than previous paper-based methods. These instructions will take you step-by-step through the procedures. Ready? One…two…ready…go.

Step Zero - Register Yourself

Before you can begin to use the system, you must enter your own teacher information. Choose the button on the Registration page that says "New User." It will take you to this form:

Note: If you have previously registered, do not create another new account! This only causes confusion and you can lose any previously entered student information. If you can't remember your Teacher ID, your branch chair can provide it for you.

The top part of the form is where you enter your new Teacher ID and private Password. For the benefit of your branch and regional chairs, we would like you to make your Teacher ID from your last name and first initial (for example, horowitzv or gouldg). Use only letters for your Teacher ID (no spaces or numbers). If you get a message that this Teacher ID is already taken, try adding your middle initial or entire first name (as long as you don't exceed 16 letters).

Enter your new private Password. The password can be between four and eight letters and/or numbers (again, no spaces). Enter your password again to confirm it. You should write this information down for future reference! Note that your Teacher ID and Password are case-sensitive -- be sure you write them down as you entered them.

Enter your personal information as requested. All fields are required except for a Fax number. (Keep in mind that you can use the Tab key to move the cursor from one field to the next.)

When choosing a Branch Festival, choose the branch of the festival in which you are entering your students. (If you are entering students in more than one festival, you will need to create a separate Teacher ID for each festival.) If you are entering students in an "all-branch regional" festival such as strings or voice, make sure you choose the correct all-branch festival.

Unlike the previous form-based entry, that's the last time you'll have to enter that information! When everything is correct, click on the Submit button, and that will create your on-line account.

Step One - Log In to the System

From now on, you will enter the system by using the "Log In" button ( "If you are a returning teacher..."). This will take you directly to the Login Page. Just enter your Teacher ID and private Password and you will be taken to the Teacher Menu. Remember that both your Teacher ID and Password are case sensitive -- make sure your Caps Lock key is not engaged!

If you forget your password, you can have the system send the password to the email account you used when you registered by using "Recover Lost Password." You will need to know your Teacher ID. If you forget your Teacher ID, contact your branch chair. If you've changed your email address since you originally registered, contact the Webmaster using the Contact Us page on the web site. Supply your name, your Teacher ID, your old email address and your new email address. The webmaster will update the system so that you can retrieve your password using your new email address.

If, for some reason, you feel it necessary to change your password, you can also do that here. To do this, you must know your old password and enter your new password twice.

Here at the Teacher Menu, you can see there are choices to edit your own profile (for example, if you move or change your email address), change your festival (branch), add a student, edit a student profile, and add or edit the repertoire that your student will be playing in the branch festival. When you're done entering your students, you can also create a single report that will show you all the students you have entered and what they are playing. Under Forms & Instructions, you will find worksheets to help with data preparation, and another link to these instructions.

When the festivals are over, and the festival chairs have entered the results, you can view the results under Wiiners Reports.

Step Two - Add a Student

When you choose Add New Student from the Teacher Menu, you are taken to this screen. While much of it is self-evident, there are some fields that are critical. Fields in which you must enter information are shown with asterisks (*).

Note: If you have two students with the same name, you may want to add a middle initial to the First Name field (for example: "David R."). This is not required by the system, but it may save confusion for you later on.

The Category field is very important! For most works, you will be choosing the correct category as shown on the Complete Works Audition (CWA) list. This list is available for printing and viewing on the scjbf.org web site. If you are entering this student in the Complete Works Audition, you must choose a numbered category (for example, "Category II - Various Dance Movements"). At the end of the list are categories for other works not eligible for Complete Works, such as Anna Magdalena. If you choose one of these categories, the "Enter in Complete Works?" choices will become grayed and unavailable.

Student records remain in the system until you or your branch chair remove them. If you wish to keep a student record, but not enter the student in the current year's festival, simply choose "-- Not Entered --" in the Category field.

Note the little calendar icon next to the Date of Birth field. This is a convenient way to enter the birth date of the student. Click the icon, and when the calendar pops up, choose the year from the drop-down box, then navigate to the correct month and choose the date. You may also enter the date manually in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

The Junior/Senior field applies only to the strings, wind and voice instrument categories. If you chose, for example, keyboard, this choice will be grayed and unavailable. If your student is in one of the applicable categories, please make the appropriate choice.

In the Comments and Accompanist's Schedule fields, do not use carriage returns (the Enter key) when typing! Just keep typing and the text will automatically wrap inside the box. Use of the Enter key creates problems in Excel for the Branch chairs.

The rest of the entries on this form are either self-evident or explained on the form itself. When you are finished entering all the information, please check it over, then click the Register Student button.

Step Three - Add Your Student's Repertoire

When you choose this link, you are presented with a list of the students you have registered. Beside each student's name is a number. (This number is assigned by the system when the student is registered, so they may appear random.) Click on the number next to the student's name, and you will be taken to the repertoire entry screen. (If you have entered over 20 students, you will see page navigation at the bottom of the list. The rest of your students will be on subsequent pages.)

Repertoire entry is where your choice of Category becomes important. Depending on your choice, you might see one of four different input screens.

Listed Repertoire

Many categories in the CWA list have each eligible work listed individually. If your student's category is one of these, you will see one of the "listed repertoire" screens. In these screens, you simply choose the works from the drop-down lists in the Work #1 and (optionally) Work #2 fields. (If your student is not playing a second work, just ignore the Work #2 entries.) The choices shown in the lists are the choices that have been defined for that category. This eliminates guesswork, and each title includes the correct key and BWV number automatically.

Furthermore, if you have registered this student to be eligible for CWA, for those categories in which CWA repertoire is restricted by year, only the choices for the upcoming year are shown. If the student is not going to enter CWA, all choices in that category are shown.

If the work you want your student to play is not listed, you've either (a) chosen the wrong category, (b) entered in CWA unintentionally, or (c) the work is not eligible for CWA this year. To get the correct work to appear in the list, you will need to go to Edit Student Profile from the Teacher Menu and make the correct choices in Category and Complete Works.

If your student is playing only selected movements from the work, you must enter these in the Movements box. If more than one movement is being played, separate them with a comma (for example: Allemande, Gigue).

Well Tempered Clavier repertoire is a special case since the movements are only Preludes and Fugues. Here you will be asked to choose among Prelude, Fugue, or Both.

Following the movements, you must enter the timing of this performance in minutes and seconds. If more than one movement is being played for Work #1, enter the total time of all the movements being played. If you are entering Work #1 and Work #2, enter the timing of each work in its separate entry box.

Unlisted Repertoire

Many categories (especially the non-keyboard categories) do not list each eligible work individually. For these works, you have a couple additional steps. In the Work #1 and #2 boxes, enter only the title of the work (for example, Toccata or Suite No. 1). Then choose the correct Key from the drop-down list. Then you must enter a BWV number (or Anhang number for the Anna Magdalena category). Note that the form will not let you complete the repertoire entry until you provide a key and a BWV (or Anh.) number, so get out your scores! Enter the movements and timings as explained above.

Non-Bach Repertoire

Instead of Bach-only festivals, some branches have "Baroque Festivals" (or similar) which allow other composers to be included. There is a special form if you've chosen the Other Composers category. The Work fields on this form ask you to enter the title, key and movement of the piece as you would like it to appear in the program (for example, "Suite in C Minor, HWV 445; Prelude"). Then enter the Composer (again, as you want it in the program, for example: "G.F. Handel"), and finally the Timing. Don't forget -- non-Bach repertoire must be allowed by your branch, and is never eligible for Regional festivals or CWA.

That's it! You've finished registering your student. It is now up to you to submit the appropriate entry fees to your branch. Your branch newsletter will probably contain the costs and fee submission details.

To assist you with this, there is a choice on the Teacher Menu for Registration Report. This choice displays a grid that shows every student you've entered, their Complete Works status and what repertoire they are playing. It also tells you how many students you've entered. This is a good reference document to make sure that all repertoire is entered correctly. If you need to make a change, use the Add/Edit Student Repertoire choice on the Teacher Menu to make your changes. If you want to print this out, you may want to switch your printer's page orientation to Landscape (wide).

A Word About Returning (and Former) Students

If you registered students in a previous year's festival, all those students are still in the system. Information that changes from year to year will have been erased. This includes their performance categories (for example, "Short Preludes and Fugues"), their choice for Complete Works, and their reperertoire entries and comments (if any). Performance categories are actually reset to "-- Not Entered --". This special designation keeps the student from being displayed in the branch chair's listing unless you change it.

If you want to enter a returning student in the current year's festival, you must first go to the student's profile (Edit Student Profiles) and enter the category and Complete Works choice for this year. Then you can enter the repertoire described above. The system will not let you enter repertoire until you enter a category!

If you have any students who are no longer part of your studio, you should go to Edit Student Profiles, choose the former student, and delete that record. This will help keep the system running efficiently for everyone by removing unused student records.

Forms & Instructions

In the Forms & Instructions link on the Teacher Menu, you will find these instructions, as well as a student worksheet that you can use in preparing the information for on-line entry. This worksheet should feel familiar as it contains much of the same information as the old paper forms. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print this form. It's a free download from Adobe.

Making Changes

You can log in and make additions and changes any time before your festival's deadline. If you must change some information, please keep in mind the following:

Closed Registration

When the deadline for your branch festival is reached, your branch chair will close registration. After that time, you will be unable to access any student information. If there's a last minute change, you must coordinate directly with your branch chair. You will also be unable to change branches as described above.

Logging Off

There is no special function for logging off. As soon as you close your browser window or tab, you are automatically logged off.

Errors and Error Reporting

If you encounted an error that was not a routine user error (like leaving out a BWV number), there are a few things to try. If you get a "Server Error" message that appears to come from your browser rather than the registration system, chances are your session has timed out. Simply go back to the registration entry page and log in again. Occasionally, you may see a cryptic error message at the top of one of the data entry forms. Sometimes that can occur if another user is accessing information at the same instant as you. The first thing to try is the Back button on your browser, then try to re-submit your information.

If you get the same error more than once, please report it to the Webmaster (from the site's Contact Us page). He will want to know the exact steps you took before the error occurred (for example, which menu or entry screen were you using, and which button or link you clicked) and the exact error message verbatim. Under normal circumstances, he should get back to you within 24 hours.

Happy registering!