1. Branches must engage judges from the current approved SCJBF Judges List and follow SCJBF rules, or that branch's students will not be accepted at the Regional and Complete Works Audition.
  2. Students must perform the same music and in the same category, at the Branch and Regional Festivals, and also for the Complete Works Audition (CWA), but complete, as shown on the CWA List. Multiple pieces must be from the same work or as categorized on the CWA List.
  3. No student may enter a Branch Festival with the same movement or section of a work he or she presented at any previous Regional Festival.  No student may use the same composition, or any part thereof, that was presented in any preceding year at Complete Works Audition, except for the Goldberg Variations.  
  4. A student may enter on more than one instrument in a Branch Festival, but may not enter on the same instrument twice.
  5. Accompaniments for keyboard concerti are required for the Complete Works Audition with the exception of the Concerti for two keyboards. These accompaniments are optional at the Branch and Regional level. Accompaniments for all string concerti are required at Regional and Complete Works Audition. Teachers may not accompany their own students. All movements of the Concerti are required for the Complete Works Audition. Not all regional festivals can accommodate concertos for 2 pianos. Check with your Regional Chair before entering with that repertoire.
  6. To be eligible for CWA, a student must perform repertoire from the current CWA list and must be selected as a winner at the Regional Festival. Organ students entering the CWA are exempt from the "Regional winner" requirement because Regional and CWA Organ events are conducted simultaneously.
  7. A student selected to receive a gold, silver or bronze medal in the Complete Works Audition must be present at the CWA Awards Concert in order to receive his or her medal.
  8. Time limit for the Branch Festival, Regional Festival and Complete Works Audition Awards Concert is 5 minutes.
  9. All music is to be performed by memory, except in categories XVII Organ, XXI Flute and XXVI Ensembles, where memorization is optional.
  10. Ties in scoring at the Branch Festival are accepted for Regional.
  11. The decision of the judges is final.
  12. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  13. Teachers, students, and parents are prohibited from personal contact with judges before, during and after the competition.
  14. Registration fees for the Complete Works Audition are payable �per student,� including all ensemble members and student accompanists who meet SCJBF eligibility guidelines.  The names of student-members will appear in the printed program and, if an ensemble is selected by the judges, each student-member will receive an award.
  15. Repeats in repertoire are optional.
  16. Students may not present photocopied music to the judges.  Accompanists may not use photocopied music except to facilitate page turns.
  17. Transfer students must have consent in writing from the previous teacher in order to participate in SCJBF if the student has been with the new teacher less than 6 months. For transfers that occur between the time of the Branch and Regional Festivals, the new teacher must belong to the same region as the former teacher in order for the student to participate at the Regional Festival. For transfers that occur between the Regional Festival and CWA, the letter of transfer consent must reach the General Chairman by September 1 in order for the student to participate in CWA.
  18. Video recording is prohibited at all Regional Festivals and at the Complete Works Audition.
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