Frequently Asked Questions for
Returning Teachers

Regarding your students

What happens to my previous student entries?

All your previously registered students who have not "aged out" are still in the system. Their performance categories (for example, "Short Preludes and Fugues") have been erased, their choice for Complete Works has been reset to "No," and their reperertoire entries and comments (if any) from last year have been erased. But all other student information remains.

What should I do when entering a returning student in this year's festival?

First, you must go to the student's profile (Edit Student Profiles) and enter the category and Complete Works choice for this year. Then you can enter the repertoire just as you did last year. The system will not let you enter repertoire until you enter a category!

What if I want to keep a student's record but not enter this year's festival?

Until you choose a category for a student, that student will not be entered into a festival and will not appear in the Branch Chair's listing of entered students. If you've chosen a category and subsequently changed your mind about entering a student, you can easily remove that student from the festival without removing the student record. Simply choose "-- Not Entered --" as the category (the first choice in the list) and the student will not appear in the Branch Chair's listing. At the start of each season, all your previously entered students are set to "-- Not Entered --" by default.

What should I do about a student that is no longer in my studio?

We're glad you asked. You should go to Edit Student Profiles, choose the former student, and delete that record. This will help keep the system running efficiently for everyone by removing unused student records.

Regarding your own account

I forgot my Teacher ID. How can I get it back?

For a lost or forgotten Teacher ID, you should contact your branch chair. They will have easy access to your Teacher ID. Remember -- a Teacher ID is CaSe sEnsiTivE! When you ask your branch chair, make sure they provide any capitalization you used. Branch Chairs do not have access to your password (see below). DO NOT under any circumstances set up a new account! If you do, all your previously registered student information will be lost.

I lost my password. How can I get it back?

The registration system allows you to retrieve your password. It's a link right below the Login box. You must know your correct Teacher ID to retrieve it. Normally, the system will email the password to the email account you provided when you first registered. If your email account has changed, you should use the Contact Us page to contact the webmaster with your current email address. Be sure to include your name, Teacher ID, your old email address and your new email address. He will update your email address in the login database and have the system send your password to you by return email.


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