Students may enter the Complete Works Audition (CWA) only once each year as a soloist on the same instrument and must perform the same music in the same category that they performed at the Branch and Regional Festivals, but complete as indicated on this list. Students will be disqualified if photocopied music is presented to the judges or used by accompanists (with the exception of facilitating page turns).

Below are listings of the approved works for Complete Works Audition. Click on the links to view the listings.

Files in printable Acrobat PDF format:
The entire CWA listings for all instruments and voice.
The CWA listings for other than solo keyboard.

Files for viewing online in HTML format:
The entire CWA listings for all instruments and voice. (Save trees! Don't use this for printing!)
The CWA listings for other than solo keyboard.

Quick Online Reference

Category I – Short Preludes and Fugues
Category II – Various Dance Movements
Category III – Inventions and Sinfonias

Category IV – Duets
Category V – Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. I
Category VI – Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. II

Category VII – French Suites
Category VIII – English Suites
Category IX – Partitas / French Overture

Category X – Short Various Works
Category XI – Longer Various Works
Category XII – Toccatas

Category XIII – Goldberg Variations
Category XIV – Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Category XV – Italian Concerto, BWV 971
Category XVI – Sonatas

Category XVII – Organ
Category XVIII – Violin
Category XIX – Violin
Category XX – Viola and Violoncello
Category XXI – Flute and Oboe
Category XXII – Voice

Category XXIII – Clavier Concerti
Category XXIV – Violin Concerti
Category XXV – Flute Suite in B Minor; Oboe Concerto in F
Category XXVI – Ensembles

Thematic Index (PDF) - This file contains themes and BWV numbers for Short Preludes and Fugues, miscelaneous works eligible for Complete Works, and themes from the Anna Magdalena notebook (not eligible for Complete Works).


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